Yungang Buddhist Grottoes

“The Yungang Grottoes, in Datong city, Shanxi Province, with their 252 caves and 51,000 statues, represent the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave art in China in the 5th

Lhasa – Kathmandu Road

“The Friendship Highway is a route connecting Lhasa to Katmandu. It crosses three passes over 5,000m before dropping to 1,750m at the border.” More on Wikipedia.

Imperial Palace in Shenyang

“Early construction began in 1625 by the founder of the Qing dynasty. Also called the Mukden Palace, it was built to resemble the Forbidden City in Beijing. However,

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

The elegant aesthetics and subtlety of these scholars’ gardens and their delicate style and features flourished in the mid-Ming to early-Qing dynasties. Unfortunately pollution in Suzhou heavily disturbs