Tomb of Rameses III – KV 11

Tomb KV11 is the tomb of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses III who died in 1154 BC. More on Wikipedia.

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is dedicated to the Pharaoh Hatshepsut and located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari, on the west bank of the Nile near

Karnak Temple Complex

The Karnak Temple Complex comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings. Building at the complex lasted over two millenia. More on Wikipedia.

Temple of Horus in Edfu

One of the best preserved shrines in Egypt, the temple is dedicated to the falcon god Horus and was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57

Temples of Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock temples, southern Egypt. Construction of the temple complex started in approximately 1264 BC and lasted for about 20 years. More

Temple of Sobek and Haroeris in Kom Ombo

The temple was started by Ptolemy VI (180–145 BC) and added to by Ptolemy XIII (51–47 BC), who built the inner and outer hypostyle halls. More on Wikipedia.