Abode of Chaos (1)

Another visit on Saturday August 23rd, 2014 : Abode of Chaos (2) “The Abode of Chaos is a contemporary art museum consisting of more than 2,500 artworks from many

Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom

Bedroom in Arles is the title given to each of three similar paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The third version here is on permanent display in the Musée

Strasbourg – Grande île

“Surrounded by two arms of the River Ill, the Grande Ile (Big Island) is the historic centre of the Alsatian capital. It has an outstanding complex of monuments

Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans

“The Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, begun in 1775, was the first major achievement of industrial architecture, reflecting the ideal of progress of the Enlightenment. The vast, semicircular complex

Belfries of Belgium and France

“Built between the 11th and 17th centuries, they showcase the Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles of architecture. They are highly significant tokens of the winning of civil

Eiffel Tower

“Constructed from 1887-89 as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair, the Eiffel Tower become a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognisable structures